How To: Write the square root of a negative complex number

Write the square root of a negative complex number

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This instructional math video will teach you about complex numbers.

It introduces complex numbers by explaining how it is useful to be able to formally write down the square root of a negative number.

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Hello, I like to ask you something. I learned that :
For all non-negative real numbers x and y: sqrt(x*y)=sqrt(x)*sqrt(y) . In this video you got sqrt(-9)=sqrt(9*(-1))=sqrt(9)*sqrt(-1). The latter equation( sqrt(9*(-1))=sqrt(9)*sqrt(-1) ) does not comply to the rule, because -1 is negative. So I think that is incorrect.(like the -1=1 example) This is a happy example where the flaw is hidden. Please respond to me at and correct me if I'm wrong. Thank you

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