How To: Solve the six problem solution

Solve the six problem solution

Solving 6 math problems using different methods is the idea behind this video. First, you make three rows of numbers vertically from 1-9. All the numbers match across for example, 1 1 1, 2 2 2, 3 3 3, and so on. Each set of numbers creates a mathematical problem who's solution is the number six. These problems require some thinking to solve. The only one that is immediately apparent is 2 2 2=6 which is, of course, 2+2+2=6, (3x3)-3=6, the square root of 4 =2. This done on all three of the fours in the group equals 2+2+2=6. You continue these solutions until you get to the final one which is 9 9 9 whose solution is the square root of 9 (which is 3) times the square root of 9 minus the square root of 9 which is the total of 6. These problems and solutions are brain teasers created to make you really think.

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