How To: Find the Percent Given Two Numbers

Find the Percent Given Two Numbers

Whether you're shopping for deals, need help with a little math, or any number of other occasions, it's a valuable skill to know how to quickly figure out a percentage given two numbers.

Let's say you're shopping and you come across a pair of shoes that are normally $45, but now they're on sale for $36. To figure out just how much of the original price you're paying, you just need some quick math.

Step 1: Convert Numbers into Decimals

Since you want to figure out what percent 36 is to 45, start by turning that into a fraction:


... and then turning that fraction into a decimal:

36/45 = 0.8.

Step 2: Convert Decimal into Percent

Now that you have the decimal, simply multiple it by 100 to get the percentage:

0.8 X 100 = 80

... which leaves us with 80%!

So, to sum up, 36 is 80% of 45, which means that pair of shoes is only going to cost you 80% of what they normally cost.

Check out the video guide from Davitily below to see each step calculated out:

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