How To: Find the Slope Given 2 Ordered Pairs

Find the Slope Given 2 Ordered Pairs

Slope is the change in Y over the change in X. Written out, the formula looks is as follows:


It's a simple formula that just requires you to input your coordinates to calculate the value of the slope. Values are generally notated as such:

(x1,y1), (x2,y2)

Calculating Slope

For this example, we'll use the following coordinates:

(-7,5), (-4,7)

This means that the following is true:

x1 = -7
x2 = -4
y1 = 5
y2 = 7

Knowing this, we simply have to plug in the numbers to the slope formula:

(7) - (5)
(-4) - (-7)

This of course equates to the following:



So, for the coordinates (-7,5) and (-4,7), the slope is 2/3.

For a video guide, check out the tutorial below from Davitily.

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Cover image via Davitily

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