How to Calculate faster than a calculator

This is a magical way of doing super-fast mental math. Learn to calculate faster than the speeding calculator..



try with : 10 X 10 ???
84 X 88 ???

the last digits have to equal 10


well to solve the theory's problem... you can do it as (15-5)(15-5)=(15X15)-(15X5)-(15X5)-(5)^2 and then use the relation in 15X15... that's a general solution to have last digits adding to 10 with calibrating them to 5, anyone has a much shorter faster solution?

yea watch the whole video it has 2 meet 2 criterea... the first digit on the first number has to be the same as the first digit on the second.. and the 2 second digits have to add to 10... whcih all in all kinda makes this treick useless

Very good!

ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!not too

well if ur smart enough to realize that then i guess you dont need this tip then do u? theres always exceptions to the rules; "i before e except after c?" that seems kinda weird doesn't it?

It has its limits Just like finding out the answer to any number multiplied by nine between one and nine. Where you take the number before the number you're trying to multiply with nine then find out what number added to it will equal nine then put the two numbers together and that is your answer. An example is 9 * 7 = 63 The 6 from 63 comes before the 7 from 9 * 7 and 3 added to the 6 will equal 9.

it kink of sucks because it would be a coincidence to run in to such a math question

yah you can teach this to children for trick purposes

try this:condition :two no. are of even dist.
ex:37*33 mid value =35
sq. 35 = 1225
37*33 = sq.35-dist b/w ywo digit i.e.4 = 1221

2 much of a coincidence needed 2 b of any use

pretty cool!

its good to know some tricks

pretty cool

Never thought i'd say this to a guy, but. I love ya man!

26 x26
46 x 47
98 x 97
Please remove this video else you may lend someone in trouble

hello, can i get any soft ware for this, like abacus solutions

hello can i get maths trick for download like this

how to get by this 1415,

very very cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

smart and when I did it it didn't work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

very very intersesting and learning

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