How To: Simplify square roots easily

Simplify square roots easily

robichaudd teaches you how to simplify square roots. When you're dealing with variables, even powers and you want to find out the square root of it, you follow the process. Divide the power by the root, which is two, because it's a square root, that gives you what comes out. If we have square root of x squared, the result would be x. So the square root of x to the 6 is x cubed. You simply divide the power by two, since we are dealing with square root. Then square root of 36 times x square is 6 times x. For odd powers you want to break it into factors. Square root of x to the n, where n is odd, is square root of x to the n-1 times x. Square root of x to the 19 is square root of x to the 18 times x. The end result is x to the 9 times square toot of x, which can't be simplified any longer.

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