How To: Evaluate logarithms using a calculator TI-83

Evaluate logarithms using a calculator TI-83

A video to help calculator users find the natural logarithm (log base e, or "ln") and standard logarithm (log base 10, or simply "log") of any number using a TI-83 calculator (works for any issue of the TI-83 calculator or even a TI-84 calculator). Turn on your calculator. To find the natural log of a number, press the "ln" button (the third button from the bottom left), enter the number you want to find the natural log of, press the ")" (closed parenthesis) button, then press enter. The same process applies for finding the log base 10 of a number. Simply press the "log" button (the button directly above the "ln" button) instead of the "ln" button and follow the same process as above.

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