How To: Simplify square roots w/ product & quotient rules

Simplify square roots w/ product & quotient rules

In this math tutorial, you will learn how to simplify square roots with product and quotient rules. To begin, you will need to multiply the square roots so that the two square roots in your equation are reduced down into one. The rule for non-negative "A" and "B" is that the square root of "A" multiplied by the square root of "B" yields the square root of A x B.
The other rule outlined in this video explains how to simplify a radical. All that means is to perform the radical as completely as possible. This means that the square root of 50 can be the square root of 25 multiplied by 2 or the square root of 5 multiplied by 10. The first equation is a perfect square that can be further reduced. This video tutorial outlines some useful square root rules that can assist you in solving more complex problems.

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