How To: Simplify expressions with different exponents

Simplify expressions with different exponents

This video shows the method to simplify expressions with different exponents. The video starts with the explanation of 16 raised to the power 1/4. This can be solved by taking the nth or the 4th root of 16 where n stands for the denominator of the fraction. Then the video explains 8 raised to power 4/3. This can be solved in two ways. First one involves taking the cube root of 8 and raising it to the power of 4. The second method involves converting 8 into 2 raised to the power 3 and taking the product of 3 and 4/3 to get 2 raised to 4 which turns out to be 16. The third example involves a negative power of a number. The negative power is changed to positive by taking the reciprocal of the number and removing the negative sign in the power. Rest rules are same as in previous examples.

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