How To: Subtract mixed numbers with renaming with Mr Binkley

Subtract mixed numbers with renaming with Mr Binkley

This video is about subtracting mixed numbers and renaming.

1. Start on the right side of the problem.

2. Find the LCD (least common denominator) for the fraction.

3. Create an equivalent fraction.

4. Bring whole numbers over to the equivalent fraction.

5. With the new equation. we're unable to subtract the fractions due to the smaller fraction being on the top.

6. Regroup or rename-take one out of the whole number which is essentially adding a whole to our fraction.

7. Make a fraction with the same as the denominator. Add the denominator to the numerator to get a new numerator. Place it over the denominator.

8. Subtract whole numbers and fractions.

9. Simplify fraction to get final answer.

Views to learn how to rename and subtract mixed fractions.

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can u make a video with one number subtracted by a fraction?

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