How To: Figure out elapsed time with Mr Binkley

Figure out elapsed time with Mr Binkley

This video is an entertaining way of learning how to quantify how much time has elapsed from one point to another. It opens with a mischievous person using an unauthorized computer, claiming he had only been on for a shorter time than what was calculated by the owner. The video then instructs how to figure out such a calculation by creating a T-chart. One the left side of the T-chart, the previous time is shown, along with new times as each hour or minute is added. On the right, the desired time and the amounts added are accumulated. This video is very useful for young students to get a grasp of elapsed time and it teaches them in an entertaining way that allows for laughing and learning.

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THANKS! My mid-term was coming up so i needed to learn. I'm not in like High school and dumb, i should know but I am in fifth grade and forgot how to so thanks!!!

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