How To: Do long division with decimals

Do long division with decimals

Video Nerd thinks that when your doing long division with decimals you should first take out the decimal. Write the number as if it didn't have a decimal. For example if the problem was 12.5 divided by 5 then you will just use 125 and divide that by 5. Next divide the first digit of the dividend by the divisor an write the number up top. Next you multiply, after your done multiplying the numbers subtract, and when your done subtracting the numbers drop the reaming numbers in the dividend down. Next you repeat the same process, multiply, subtract, drop until you have no more numbers left. Remember your still not done yet, remember you have to add the decimal back in, so add the decimal to your dividend and put it straight into your answer. So if my problem was 12.5 divided by 5 my answer will be 2.5.If you follow the steps in this video, you'll be learning long division with decimals in no time.

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