How To: Find the area of triangle using fraction measurement

Find the area of triangle using fraction measurement

This video demonstrates the way to find the area of a triangle using fraction measurements. The person presenting this video first writes the actual formula for calculating the area of the triangle. The formula is: the area of the triangle denoted by 'A' is equal to half of 'b' times 'h' where 'b' and 'h' are the base and height of the triangle, respectively. Now, to make it into fractions, he writes 'b' and 'h' over '1'. Then he asks you to calculate "what is one times 'b' times 'h'" which is 'h', meaning 'b' times 'h'. He then asks you to write the value of '2' times '1' times '1' in the bottom. The value is '2'. He then says that the value of 'A' now equals 'bh/2' which is 'b' times 'h' over '2'. Next, he says that you can calculate the area of a triangle in whichever way you want. It can be either half of 'b' times 'h', or it can be 'b' times 'h' divided by '2'. Thus, he says that the area of triangle can be found using fraction measurements.

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