How To: Divide decimals with Mr Binkley

Divide decimals with Mr Binkley

This video is provided by Mr. Binley. Let's learn this with an example, let's say that we want to divide 0.492 by 0.4, the most important thing remember while dividing the decimal numbers is that we need to convert the divisor into a whole number, here we need to convert 0.4 into a whole number. To do this we need to move the decimal to the right, then 0.4 becomes 4, now do the same thing to the dividend (0.492), move the decimal to the same location that we followed while moving the decimal for the divisor. We moved the decimal to the right for a single time, hence 0.492 will become 4.92, now we need to divide 4.92 by 4. We will get a numerator 1.23 and a denominator zero, while dividing 4.92 by 4 remember to insert the decimal point in the right place of the numerator, i.e. 4 is divisible by 4 then we can't divide .9 with 4, hence we will insert the decimal in the numerator then .9 becomes 9, then the remainder will be 12, 12 divided by 4 will give 3, hence the final answer is 1.23. Also remember that we need to continue division until we get a denominator zero, if not we need to continue the division until we get zero as the numerator.

This video gives us is a very good method to divide a decimal number with another number.

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