How To: Multiply fractions

Multiply fractions

Doug Simms gives a demonstration of multiplying fraction in a simple and easy manner. The simplest problems have proper fractions to be multiplied by proper fractions, and the answer can be arrived at by simply multiplying the numerator (upper value) of one fraction with the numerator of the other, carrying out the same operation with the denominators (lower values) of the two fractions, and finally, reducing the resultant fraction by a common factor, if any. Doug also gives three other examples, of multiplying fractions by mixed numbers, and those involving negative values. Mixed number have to be first converted to improper fractions, then multiplied by the fractions, and if the product is an improper fraction it is to be converted into a mixed number as the final answer. For multiplications involving negative values, the product, when both values are positive or both are negative, is always a positive value whereas the product, when one value is positive and the other negative, is always a negative value.

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