How To: Multiply mixed numbers with whole numbers

Multiply mixed numbers with whole numbers

This video shows us how to multiply mixed numbers with the whole numbers. First thing you need to do is to change the mixed number into an improper fraction by multiplying the denominator with the whole number and add the resulting number with the numerator. The resulting number will be placed as a numerator with the denominator being the same. Next, is that we can't multiply a fraction with a whole number. So we need to change the whole number into a fraction and this is done by putting the denominator of 1 under the whole number. Now before we multiply across we need to check whether we can cross cancel which is actually cross multiplying and is used to simplify the answer and if we do it now, we won't need to do it later. In this way you can multiply mixed numbers with the whole numbers and make sure that you simplify at the end, if you didn't before, cross multiply so that the answer can be simplified.

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