How To: Multiply and divide fractions in math

Multiply and divide fractions in math

One can learn, from watching this video, how to multiply and divide fractions. Prof. Alexander gives a discourse on multiplication and division of fractions in a simple, easy way. For multiplication, one should first look for highest common factor in the numerator of one fraction and the denominator of the other, and vice versa, and if found, carry out the reduction by that factor. Then the numerator of one fraction is multiplied by that of the other fraction, the same operation is carried out on the two denominators, and the product is arrived at after reduction, if required. If the product is an improper fraction, it must be converted to a mixed number. For dividing fraction, one has to rewrite the problem by keeping the dividend as it is, replace the division symbol with that for multiplication and interchange the places of the divisor's numerator and denominator. After this, the whole method of multiplication, as described above, has to be carried out to arrive at the answer.

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