How To: Add unlike fractions using basic math

Add unlike fractions using basic math

In order to add unlike fraction, using basic math, you will need to find the lowest common multiples of the denominators. In order to add 5/12 and 1/6, you will need to make the denominators the same. The lowest common multiple, for these fractions is 12. When you find the lowest common multiple, you will need to write the terms in equivalent fractions. 5/12 already had 12 as a denominator. In order to make 1/6 have a denominator of 12, you will need to multiply the equation by 2. This will give you 2/12. At this point, you can add 5/12 to 2/12. This will give you 7/12, when you add the numerators. Use this process with all fractions that are unlike.

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