How To: Divide mixed numbers

Divide mixed numbers

In order to divide mixed numbers, you should change the mixed numbers into improper fractions. With the problem 5 ¼ divided by 2 3/8, you should convert both mixed fractions to improper fractions. 5 ¼ becomes 21/4, when you multiply 4 times 5 and add one. 2 3/8 becomes 19/8, when you multiply 8 times 2 and add 3. There is no division with fractions. There's only multiplication. Here, you will flip 19/8 and multiply 21/4 times 8/19. First, simplify, 21 times 2/19. This will give you 42/19. Then, you'll need to turn it back into a mixed fraction: 2 4/19.

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