How To: Solve one-step inequalities

Solve one-step inequalities

The one step inequalities are one of the easiest method in mathematics that you can add or subtracting the values in an equation. Consider the equation M+7=-3(Assume M+7 as left side & -3 as right side), in this you should add -7 on both sides of the equation. In the next step on the left side +7 and -7 get cancel each other and in the right side -3 and -7 will become -10 (since minus multiplied with minus gives minus symbol by adding the values). In the next step value of M=-10, this can be considered as M<=-10, which shows the symbol of inequalities. In another example consider X-5>17, similarly as shown above add +5 on both sides by this you will get the value as X>22. Hence from the two equations above you get the inequalities from both sides i.e. both from the subtraction and addition. By watching this video one could have a basic knowledge in mathematics, especially the beginners.

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