How To: Solve single-step inequalities using the reciprocal

Solve single-step inequalities using the reciprocal

This video tutorial is in the Education category which will show you how to solve single-step inequalities using the reciprocal. Let's solve the problem "negative 5/2 X is less than equal to negative 1/5". To solve for "X", we need to get rid of "negative 5/2". To do that, we multiply both sides of the inequality by the reciprocal of 5/2 and we need to keep the negative sign also. So, we multiply both sides by "negative 2/5". Whenever we multiply a negative to both sides of an inequality, the inequality sign must be reversed. So, the "less than equal to" sign becomes "greater than equal to". The answer will be "X is greater than equal to 2/25" and this completes the problem.

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