How To: Factor a trinomial by GCF then grouping method

Factor a trinomial by GCF then grouping method

This is a video tutorial in the Education category where you are going to learn how to factor a trinomial by GCF then grouping method. For example how to factor the trinomial 6r(squared) â€" 28r + 16. The first thing is to get the greatest common factor (GCF) of the numbers. So, GCF of 6, 28 and 16 is 2. The trinomial can now be written as 2{3r(squared) â€" 14r + 8}. To factor by grouping, see the trinomial as the general formula of ar(squared) + br + c. To factor this, you got to look at the factors of 'a' times 'c'. In this case that will be 3 times 8 which will be +24. The sign is very important. You got to now watch the video for further instructions.

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