Forum Thread: How to Save Time with Fractions Using Shortcuts

Use these proven fraction shortcuts to save time and increase your understanding of fractions.
7 shortcuts for solving fractions in record time

Tip Number one-Adding fractions without finding a least common multiple

Tip Number two- A modified version of adding fractions without finding a LCM,but it does not involve cross multiplying.

Tip number three Keep Change Flip for dividing fractions

Tip Number four What is the name of the fraction bar?

Tip Number five- Ladder method for finding the lowest common multiple and the greatest common factor

Tip number 6- Circle method for improper fractions

Tip number 7 Memorize the decimal equivalent of major fractions

We all know how important it is to memorize our times tables. In the same way,memorizing these fraction decimal equivalents will save you time,and more important will help your understanding of fractions

7 Fraction tips and tricks

7 Fraction tips and tricks 7 fraction tips and tricks to help with fractions. Tips include multiplying fractions,finding the LCM,dividing fractions and more

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