Forum Thread: How to Study for School

This video reviews several weak study habits, and then reviews some great study habits.

In this video you will review weak study habits, and then some great study habits

Examples of weak study habits

Heavy emphasis on highlighting

Passive reading and rereading

Glancing at a solution and thinking you have it. Go ahead and solve it.
Cramming for tests
Solving the same type of problem that you already know over and over again
Ignoring areas of confusion. Instead take some time and ask your teacher or friends about these confusing areas.
Thinking that you will learn deeply when you are distracted or multi-tasking
Not enough sleep

Examples of Wise Study Habits

Use recall while looking over notes and while reading
Test yourself on everything
Space out your learning
Incorporate memory techniques
Focus by using a timer and time your study sessions
Dream about where your studies will take you in life
Practice active learning by recall and writing

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