How To: Write equations in pre-Algebra

Write equations in pre-Algebra

This is a video tutorial in the Education category where you are going to learn how to write equations in pre-Algebra. Write an equation that represents the following sentence and then solve the equation. The product of n and 6 is 12. That's n multiplied by 6 or 6n = 12. We want to solve our equation for n. That is we want to get n all by itself on the left hand side. Since n is multiplied by 6, we got to divide both sides by 6. So, we get 6n/6 = 12/6. On the left hand side of the equation, 6 and 6 cancel each other out. We now get n = 12/6. 12 divided by 6 is 2. So, the solution is n = 2.

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