How To: Use number patterns in math

Use number patterns in math

In this video the instructor shows how to identify patterns in numbers, figures, letters. When given a pattern like 1, 2, 4, 7 try to find the change in each of the successive numbers in the pattern. If you observe carefully you will notice that the difference of the second and first number is one. Similarly the difference of the third and second number is two and this pattern keeps repeating. So this pattern is generated by taking 1 and adding 1 to it. To the next number add 2 to get the third number. Similarly to the third number add three to get the fourth number. So by adding 4 to the fourth number 7 you get the fifth number 4+7 = 11. Similarly the rest of the numbers in the pattern is 16, 22 and so on. This video shows how to find the pattern in the numbers.

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