How To: Use math reflections in pre-Algebra

Use math reflections in pre-Algebra

The tutorial is part of a full lesson of pre algebra. This video teaches you what reflection is as a mathematical term. In the beginning of the video, the video maker draws 4 shapes labeled MNOPQ, ABCDE, FGHIJ and RSTUV. The first question in the video asks to "Name the figure that represents a reflection of ABCDE over the X-axis." The woman in the video repeats the question, stating the horizontal line is the X-axis and asks for the reflection image. She puts her hand on ABCDE and flips her hand to create a reflection. Her hand then touches the new figure, RSTUV. Therefore, she concludes that RSTUV is the figure that represents the reflection of ABCDE. If you follow this video, you will be able to determine the reflection of a given figure.

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