How To: Understand arithmetic basics to do long division

Understand arithmetic basics to do long division

This video shows us how to understand the basic arithmetic for doing long division. Whenever you are about to perform the division operation, the number which is to be divided is called as the dividend and the number which divides the dividend is called as divisor. So while performing a very long division, usually the dividend is put under a bar and the divisor is put upfront. So while dividing the dividend, the divisor is made to check whether it can divide the numbers involved in the dividend and this procedure is always proceeded from left to right. First it is checked whether the first number in the dividend is divisible from the divisor and if it is so then it is made to divide by having the least possible remainder after dividing and then subtracting. If not then the second number in the dividend is also made to combine along with the first and the procedure involved is the same. When all the numbers in this way are done with dividing and if there is a remainder still available, then it is combined with a zero and a decimal is added to the numbers involved in the divisors. Then the procedure is repeated and when the same numbers are repeating after the decimal point then there is a bar drawn on top of that number indicating that number is occurring repeatedly. This is the way the long division operations are done

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