How To: Understand and find the mean, median, and mode

Understand and find the mean, median, and mode

The Mean is the average number, the Median is the center of the group and the Mode is the number that shows most often.

Example of Mean: 24 + 25 + 35 = 84 (Divide by three because that is how many numbers there are and that should give you 28 which is the average number out of 24, 25 and 35)

Example of Median: (The Median is always the middle number. So if you have 3, 4,8,5, and 1, you first need to place them in order from least to greatest which will look like this 1, 3, 4, 5 and 8. Cross out one number from the left and one from the right until you meet the middle number which will be 4. That would be the Mean)

Example of Mode: Mode stands for "most", therefore if you see a number repeated more then once (98,98,15,98,17,38,45,98) that is the mode. So for this example, 98 would be the Mode.

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