How To: Teach your children to multiply early

Teach your children to multiply early

The gentleman, acting as the Instructor, starts the session immediately by suggesting that to teach early multiplication all parents should practice a method of "Count-by's" with their children when they are very young using ones to ten, twos to twenty, threes to thirty, fours to forty, and so forth. The Instructor then demonstrates this method of counting by tens using a grid behind him on a chalkboard which depicts columns of ten elements. He counts each column from 10 to 100, and then writes the following numerical list on the chalk board beside the grid for visual representation. Following this he then proceeds to erase a line from the bottom of the grid, which now represents elements of nine, and demonstrates how to count each numerical group from nines down to ones using the same "count-by" grid method erasing a line from the grid to represent each numerical group appropriately. The Instructor then suggests alternative methods of how to work the "count-by" system into day to day tasks or activities which could be preformed with your children. The Instructor suggest when swinging, to count each push "by twos". He then also demonstrates a method of utilizing a carton of eggs to represent counting by ones, by twos, by threes, and by fours. He mentions the eggs cannot be counted by five, implying the number in the carton is not divisible by 5. He then ends the session by suggesting how to count the eggs by fractions of a dozen until reaching one whole.

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