How to Solve a linear system with no solution

[] A method for solving a linear system with no solution is described. The method is described in 4 steps. The first step in the method is designed to solve a linear system that is described consist of "solving by graphing". Details for "solving by graphing" first consist of finding points to graph using two different equations. The second step in the method consist of placing the points from both equations on the same graph in order to find out if both lines have a solution, which in this case depends on whether both lines are parallel or if they intercept. The third step consist of gathering the slope and intercepts from both equations , in order to further check if there is no solution for the linear system. A "no solution "equation will have the same slope and different y-intercepts. The fourth step requires that the (y=mx+b) form is used to check once more if both solutions have the same slope and different y intercepts.

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