How To: Solve a linear system by graphing in math

Solve a linear system by graphing in math

This video teaches you how to solve a linear system by mathematically graphing it out. The video starts off with a problem, asking to solve the system, with two given equations. To solve the system, one would insert 0 for x and solve for y in the first equation to obtain a point. Then one would insert 0 for y and solve for x at the second point. Afterwards, insert 1 for x and solve for y to obtain the third point. For the second equation, do the same thing, inserting 0 for x, 0 for y and 1 for x to solve for y, x and y respectively. Finally, draw a graph and insert the points that were calculated. You will have two lines on the graph. The point where the two lines intersect is the solution to the problem. If you follow the process shown in the video, you will be able to solve a system given two equations by graphing.

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