How To: Solve for X in algebra

Solve for X in algebra

This video demonstrates how to solve for X in algebra. The equation taken for this is 2X+4=10.The first thing you have to do to solve this equation is to get X by itself on one side of the equation. In order to do that you take the number that does not have X with it and do the opposite operation that has been done. So in the equation here we have plus four so we subtract four from both sides of the equation. What we do to one side of the equation has to be done to the other side of the equation. So we get the equation as2X=6.Next step is to get X by itself so we have to do the opposite operation of what has been done here. In the equation here we have multiplication by 2 so we have to divide by 2 on both sides. So we are left withX=3.

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