How To: Solve an equations for x

Solve an equations for x

This video demonstrates how to solve algebraic equations of the first degree for the variable, "X"; in other words, the variables contained in these equations are not raised to any power other than one, which is implicit. The video starts out with an example of such an algebraic equation. Before beginning to solve the equation, the video explains the meaning of the equals sign, the definition of an equation, and what a variable is. Next the video explains what is meaning by "solving for X". The first step described in the process is to remove parentheses from the equation. The second step described is to group like terms; this means to consolidate your variables and your regular numbers on each side of the equation. The third step is to manipulate your equation such that the terms with variables appear on one side and the number terms appear on the other side. In the steps that follow, the resulting equation is simplified leaving an equation that is solved for the variable, "X".

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