How To: Simplify complex fractions with variables

Simplify complex fractions with variables

In order to simplify complex variables, you must first consider the numerical values separate from the variable. In the case of 24x/48x, you would look at the numbers alone to see if they have any factors. These numbers have the number 6 in common. So, divide it by 6. This will give you 4/8. This still requires some simplification. Two is still a factor for both. So, divide it again by four. This will give you 1/2. Now, if the numerator was raised to the second power, in the original equation, and the denominator was raised to the fourth power, then, you can use cancelation to simplify them. xx/xxxx. If you use cancelation, this will leave you with 1/xx or one over x squared.

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great helpful subject matter and explanation of formula

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