How To: Simplify a complex fraction w/ binomial denominators

Simplify a complex fraction w/ binomial denominators

To simplify a complex fraction, turn it into one fraction on the top divided into a fraction on the bottom. Once this is complete, you will turn the division into the two into a multiple by the reciprocal, factor, and then cancel. To make a division, find the lowest common denominator of both the top and the bottom. Once you get this division equation, look carefully at the equations. If something can be easily canceled, go ahead and cancel it out at this time. If you cannot cancel anything at this time, change the division sign to a multiply sign by multiplying the reciprocal of the bottom equations below the division sign. This then gives you a simplified equation on each side of the division sign. Move horizontally across each equation to further reduce and continue reducing. Follow the steps in this video tutorial to learn how to simplify a complex fraction with binomial denominators.

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