How To: Reduce fractions to their simplest form in basic math

Reduce fractions to their simplest form in basic math

This video teaches us the method to simplify the fractions. Let us take an example of 18/24. Find a number that goes into both 18 and 24. Divide the top and bottom by the same number. Here, 2 will go into both numbers. So, the number now becomes (18/2)/(24/2) which gives 9/12. This fraction can be further simplified by dividing the top and bottom by 3. We get 3/4 which is our final answer. The fractions 18/24, 9/12 and 3/4 are called equivalent fractions since they are of the same size. Similarly 16/40 can be simplified by dividing by 4 and then by 2 again to get 2/5. 75/150 can be simplified in one step by dividing top and bottom by 15. If there are common factors of the top and bottom it can be simplified. This finishes the task.

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