How To: Reduce fractions to their lowest terms

Reduce fractions to their lowest terms

This video tutorial belongs to the Education category which is going to show you how to reduce fractions to their lowest terms. For doing any operation with fractions like addition, subtraction, multiplication or division, they need to be reduced to their lowest terms. To do this look at the numerator and the denominator and decide what number can divide both of them. Continue dividing till you can no more divide them. Now you get the lowest term of the fraction. For example, 2/4 can be divided by 2. So, dividing both 2 and 4 by 2 we get the fraction 1/2. Now you can't divide them any further. Next example is 28/36. Dividing both numbers by 2 we get 14/18. Further dividing by 2 we get 7/9. This cannot be divided any further. Hence, the lowest term of 28/36 is 7/9.

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