How To: Prepare for the SAT math section

Prepare for the SAT math section

How to prepare for the math section of SAT:Eva for brightstorm2 gives us a few quick tips to solve the math section in the SAT test. They are simple, easy yet crucial to help you get through the math section. Let us begin with the basics. Basic are simple tips like read carefully, use your calculator wisely, use all the information given, do not worry about formulae and symbols, tackle the "always", "never", "must and "could and "can" problems. To explain them in detail; you should pay attention to details like integers or prime numbers etc. Make sure you answer to the point and use all the information given. It is very rare that you do not require all the information given in a SAT problem. Calculators are allowed in Sat, but most of the SAT questions are designed to be solved without calculators. So if you find yourself doing a very simple calculation, do not panic. Its just the way SAT is designed. Do not worry about formulae, SAT is to test your logic more than formulae. Formulae used in SAT if at all are very simple and given to at the beginning itself. Same is the case with symbols. Do not worry about them either. The SAT is to test your ability to follow instructions. There is a good chance that the symbols if unfamiliar to you are made up. So these are few tips for your SAT. Hope it helps you!!!

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