How To: Perform short division

Perform short division

In this Education video tutorial you will learn how to perform short division. The first example is a division by a single digit; 741 divided by 3. You write it as shown in the video and start dividing from the left digit. So, 7 divided by 3 will give 2 with 1 as remainder. Write this down as demonstrated in the video. 1 and 4 make 14 and dividing 14 by3 will give 4 and remainder is 2. Now dividing 2 and 1, that is 21 by 3 you get 7. The answer is 247. The next example is 847 divided by 5. 8 divided by 5 is 1 and 3. 34 divided by 5 is 6 and 4. 47 divided by 5 is 9 and the remainder is 2. The final remainder can be written as a fraction; which is 2/5. So, the final answer is 169 and 2/5.

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