How To: Multiply mixed numbers for recipies

Multiply mixed numbers for recipies

Despite what we all argued in school, math does come up in daily life. When those dreaded fractions are staring you in the face remember these steps and you will be multiplying in no time. Practice always helps.

Do you need two and a half dozen cookies, but a recipe only makes one dozen? Don't let the daunting task of multiplying mixed numbers get in the way.

You Will Need

* Paper
* A pencil

Step 1: Write the numbers down

Write your mixed numbers down on a piece of paper to convert them to improper fractions.

Step 2: Convert to improper fraction

Multiply the denominator – the bottom number of the fraction – by the whole number, and then add the top number of the fraction – the numerator. Write the product on top of the denominator.

For example, the mixed numbers in two and a half times three and two-fifths convert to the improper fractions five halves and seventeen-fifths.

Step 3: Write the improper fractions

Write the improper fractions side-by-side on your paper.

Step 4: Multiply the numerators

Multiply the numerators and write the product as the numerator of your solution.

The product of five halves times seventeen-fifths will have a numerator of 85.

Step 5: Multiply the denominators

Multiply the denominators and write the product as the denominator of your solution.

The product of five halves × seventeen-fifths will have a denominator of 10.

Step 6: Simplify

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