How To: Master sixth grade mathematics

Master sixth grade mathematics

Math class got you down? We all know sixth grade mathematics is where we all start to lose it. We get frustrated with all of those numbers, try to figure it out, but ultimately flunk out or barely pass the class. Maybe the teacher just wasn't good enough to educate us, who knows, but there's no worries anymore.

This interactive video is all about sixth grade mathematics. You'll learn how to do everything possible to get a passing grade, like work with ratios and interpret graphs. Using a graphing calculator isn't easy, but it will be. To begin mastering your 6th grade math classes and learn potential problem solving strategies, check out these lessons:

1. Decimals
2. Improper Fractions and Mixed Numbers
3. Ratio
4. Percent
5. Solving Problems with Decimals
6. Understanding Integers
7. Factors, Multiples, and Prime Factorization
8. Summarizing / Extending Patterns
9. Rounding Numbers
10. Understanding and Interpreting Graphs
11. Balancing Equations
12. Area and Perimeter
13. Relating Area and Perimeter
14. Surface Area of Prisms
15. Volume and Displacement
16. Working with Angles
17. Slides and Flips
18. Using Ordered Pairs
19. Probability
20. Problem Solving Bank
21. Math Fun

Master sixth grade mathematics

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