How To: Interpret a graph

Interpret a graph

YouTube user NotesCollegeAlgebra teaches you how to interpret a graph. You will learn how to read it and extract information. You go to the graph to see that f(-4)=-2. f(1.5)=2, so it's positive. You then have the question: For what x-values is f(x)<0? You go to the graph and see that you come up with (-5,3). The x-int is (3,0) (4,0). The y-int is (0,4). The domain is (-5,4) and the range is (-4,4). You then have the question: how often does y=7/5 intercept the graph? The answer is 4 times. The last question is for what values of x does f(x)=1? It's (-2.6), (-1, 3).

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