How To: Graph using the intercept method

Graph using the intercept method

You can draw intercept in graph. The teacher took 4x + 3y =12 for solving using intercepts and told that the standard form of the equation should have X and Y terminal at the left side and constant at the right side.

He told for making X-intercept we need to substitute Y as zero and for getting the Y-intercept we need to substitute X as zero in the given equation. Substituting the zero, he found the X and Y intercepts as 3 and 4. He drew the four quadrants of the graph and marks the X and Y values to it.

After that, the two points are joined together. He explained that the X intercept is the line crossing the X axis and Y intercept is the line crossing the Y axis. Then he made all the students to read the definition written on the board. After that, he solved another example, 2Y - 3X = 6 and found the X intercept as -2 and Y intercept as 3 and mapped it in the map. Finally he took another example Y=5 where there is no X terminal. He explained that such equation will get the Y intercept as a parallel line to the X axis.

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