How To: Graph the slope of a line through two points

Graph the slope of a line through two points

If you want to learn how to get and graph the slope of a line using two points, you should watch this. 1. Let your two points be (x1 , y1) and (x2 , y2). Draw a straight line that connects the two points. 2. Use the formula, m = change in y over change in x , for finding the slope which is represented by the variable m. 3. The simpler form of the formula would be m = (y1 - y2) / (x1 - x2). 4. If you were given two points, just substitute the values in the given formula. 5. For example, the two points are (5, -2) and (2, 4). So by substitution, m = (-2-4)/(5-2) = -6/3 = -2. Thus m= -2. 6. If the slope is negative, it means as the line moves to the right, the line also moves down. After following these simple steps, expect that you can get a near to perfect, if not perfect, score in getting and graphing the slope of a line using two points test.

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