How To: Graph negative numbers on number line

Graph negative numbers on number line

The video begins with a piece of paper with questions 6 and 7 on from section 1.3. The narrator introduces these two questions as both having to do with graphing on a number line. Starting with question 6, which asks the person to graph -11/4 on a number line, the narrator draws a number line with the numbers up to -5 on the left, up to +5 on the right of 0 in the middle. She starts by showing -3 as an example, and then draws a black dot on the line at the point of the number 3. She then illustrates the example of 4 and a half by drawing a black halfway between the number 4 and number 5 on the line. She then moves on to -11/4, converting the number into a mixed number -2 3/4. She then illustrates this by drawing a black dot on the number line past the number -2 and then 3/4 of the distance between -2 and -3. She then moves onto question 7 which asks which is smaller out of -6 or -2. The narrator states that the smaller number is the number which is further left on the number line. She then adds a +6 and a -6 to the number line already drawn and shows that -6 is further left than -2 and so she circles this number to indicate that this is the smaller value.

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