How To: Graph a linear equation using slope and y-intercept

Graph a linear equation using slope and y-intercept

In this video tutorial learn how to graph an equation using the slope and y-intercept. To show how this can be done, the equation 4X-5Y=20 is used as an example. The first step that needs to be done is to convert the equation into the y=mx+b format where m is the slope and b is the intersection of the y-intercept. Simply solve the equation for Y and you get Y=4/5X-4. From this, you will find that the slope, or m, is equal to 4/5 and that b is the coordinates 0 and -4. On the graph, you will want to plot the 0, -4 coordinates. Then plot the slope, 4/5. To do this, the slope would obviously be a negative or a positive. Plot both points and you will have made your line on the graph. Follow the steps outlined in this video tutorial to learn how to graph a linear equation by identifying the slope and Y-intercept.

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