How To: Graph an equation in point-slope form

Graph an equation in point-slope form

This video tells you how to draft an equation in point-slope form. Consider the equation (y+4) = 2(x+7) for example. The formula for the point-slope form is (y-y1) = m(x-x1). To plot the graph you have to identify m the slope, the x intercept x1 and the y intercept y1. In this equation the slope is 2 and (x1,y1). The x intercept according to the formula is -x1 but the given value is +7 so you have to figure out what will give you +7,only -(-7) can give you +7 so the point is -7 and now the y intercept, it also has +4 but according to the formula it is - y1,hence the value to become +4 the point should be -4. Now you have identified all the needed points. Draft the graph with these points. Start from -7 and -4, mark the point of intersection of these two values, now the slope. The slope value is two it can also be 2/1.So now you just plot 2 and 1 on the graph. Join the points and your problem is solved.

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