How To: Find the surface area of a pyramid with BabelMath

Find the surface area of a pyramid with BabelMath

A pyramid is a three dimensional figure with the base in the form of a triangle and three slant sides to it. To find the surface area of a pyramid you have to find the area of the different pieces that make it up. The pyramid base can be triangle or even other geometric figure like pentagon. So first draw the base of the pyramid separately and compute its area first. Now compute the area of each sides separately. The area of each side can be same if the pyramid is a regular pyramid. Some times you are given with the vertical height of the pyramid and then you have to calculate the slant height using the Pythagorean theorem to compute the area of the side. Finally add all the areas of all sides to arrive at the surface area of the pyramid. This video shows how to find the surface area of a pyramid.

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