How To: Find the slope from a graph

Find the slope from a graph

To do this, there are many ways to approach this problem. One way is to look at the change in Y over the change in X by looking at the points on the graph. Another way is to use the equation Y2-Y1 over the equation X2-X1. In other equations where you are given a graph, you may be asked if the slope is positive, negative, or zero. To determine this, look at the line in the context of moving from left to right along the graph. If the line graphed is going down as you move from left to right, the slope is negative. If the line moves up as you move from left to right, the slope is positive. If the line moves horizontally across the graph, it is a zero slope. If the line moves vertically, then it is considered undefined. Learn how to find or characterize the slope when it is graphed by learning the rules outlined in this video tutorial.

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